January 21, 2008

Traffic Court Slows Down

Traffic Cases Pile up after Bluffton Judge resigns

BLUFFTON, Ind. — A northern Indiana mayor has told police to schedule traffic court dates at least two months out after the city court judge quit only two weeks after starting the part-time position.

Gary Markley submitted his resignation to Mayor Ted Ellis on Jan. 15, citing poor record keeping by his predecessor, his own "limited technology skills" and a "lack of knowledge of the requirements of the court system."

Markley wrote that the resignation was necessary for the good of the city about 25 miles south of Fort Wayne. "My sincere apologies to my supporters and the City of Bluffton," he wrote.

The job pays less than $9,500 and involves handling traffic tickets, ordinance violations and other small civil matters.

Gov. Mitch Daniels will appoint Markley's replacement.

I thought that was rather bad form, to run for election, then win, then quit because it's too much work... and blame it all on the last guy.

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