January 26, 2008

Rules of Thumb

A huge collection of rules of thumb for example,
On kids playing: One boy has a brain. Two boys have half a brain. Three boys have no brain.
Renee, Glass Artist Mother of Five, Summerville, SC, USA

On Antiques: If a one-drawer stand has more than two pieces of wood on the top, it's a new top.
Paul Polce, Ponzi's Antiques, Trumansburg, New York

Getting back in shape: Recovering an unused physical skill takes one month for each year of layoff.
Norman Brenner, Fleetwood, New York

If you are on the scene of an emergency and need help, point to one specific person and say "You, call 911" (or whatever the number is for emergencies where you are) This gets the invidual involved in a personal way where saying "someone call 911" will not.
Waldo Weyeris, Engineer, Boulder, CO, USA

The list is long...

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