February 27, 2012

President Karzai answers President Obama

Live on national television yesterday in Afghanistan, Afghani President Karzai responded to President Obama's hand-delivered note of apology for U.S. soldiers burning some Korans that had been used by prisoners to pass information.  "We call on the US government to bring the perpetrators of the act to justice and put them on trial and punish them."

President Obama's letter to President Karzai has not been released, but in Karzai's televised response, he said, ""The US government says that such an act was carried out because of ignorance and lack of knowledge.  This incident happened as a result of the ignorance of the US military officer about our vision about Islam and not recognizing the Koran. It was not deliberate."

Sounds like the Commander in Chief really has the backs of our enlisted men, doesn't it.  

February 24, 2012

Where are we headed?

Pennsylvania Judge, after letting off an immigrant who attacked a man for insulting the Prophet Muhammad:

Before you start mocking someone else's religion you may want to find out a little bit more about it it makes you look like a dufus and Mr. (Defendant) is correct. In many Arabic speaking countries something like this is definitely against the law there. In their society in fact it can be punishable by death and it frequently is in their society. ... What you have done is you have completely trashed their essence, their being. They find it very very very offensive. I'm a Muslim, I find it offensive. But you have that right, but you're way outside your boundaries or first amendment rights. This is what, and I said I spent about 7 and a half years living in other countries. when we go to other countries it's not uncommon for people to refer to us as ugly Americans this is why we are referred to as ugly Americans, because we are so concerned about our own rights we don't care about other people's rights as long as we get our say but we don't care about the other people's say

The attack was caught on video (included here), which the judge also disallowed into evidence.

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February 22, 2012