July 21, 2011

America Always Has to Pay

America Always Has to Pay 

"Even though our defense spending as a portion of our GDP has been dropping steadily since the Vietnam War, American allies have become accustomed to seeing the U.S. pick up most of the tab for military expenses that benefit all. That attitude comes from the fact that over a century ago, the U.S. became the largest economy on the planet. In 1945, the U.S. accounted for half the world's GDP. That has since come down to 25 percent, but American allies still feel that the rich guy should pick up most of the tab."

July 15, 2011

Rest in Peace Bob Grill, 67

Dawn Entering Orbit around Asteroid Vesta

The Dawn Spacecraft is due to enter orbit around the asteroid named Vesta this evening at around 10pm. Dawn was launched in September of 2007, whipped around Mars and is now coming in for a short exploratory rest around Vesta before heading out next year for Ceres, a dwarf planet also in the asteroid belt. Dawn should get to Ceres 3 years after leaving Vesta (July 2015).

Amazing science... we're skipping our own stones through the asteroid belt.