February 11, 2008

Fort Wayne Police Scanner

Did you know there was a Fort Wayne City Policy & Fire Scanner online? I didn't. It seems to work best using Internet Explorer (rather than Firefox or any other browser) and it may require you to run an active X control to allow it to function the first time. I used to have a nice scanner and then the Police went all digital on me... so this is nice. It may not make it through any work-type proxy servers, but it's nice for home.

Similarly, the Allen County Police & Fire Scanner is online is well.

via The Aboite Independent website.

If you're out of state, check out Scanner Buddy.


Bob G. said...

It's not bad for something "free", but you'll also get FWFD calls on it as well.
It's not a dedicated POLICE band.
If officers jump to a tactical channel, you're pretty much SOL as well.
Still, it keeps ME aware of all the "stuff" that goes down in MY part of "da hood".

And unfortunately, we're NEVER at a loss for radio traffic (or crime) HERE on the south side.

See 'ya on the radio.

Dan said...

We lived over by Southgate for 25 years, Bob, so I know what you mean. My son's a paramedic, so it's kind of nice to get the Fire Department calls and EMT calls.

Stay well!