February 27, 2008

Pacer Troubles Increase

Pacer Shawne Williams was apparently harboring a murder suspect. The suspected murderer, a friend of Williams from Tennessee, was seen leaving the Pacer player's home and was caught hiding in Williams' car.

Williams, if you remember, was arrested last Fall for driving without ever (in his life) having a driver's license and the friends he was with had unlicensed guns.

Larry Byrd and the Pacers should have dropped this guy last year for his criminal associations, now Byrd gets to watch the team being dragged through the muck again.

Update: Pacers drawing unwanted attention (read the whole thing, it includes the Daniels rape incident, as well)...
"We've got to be very clear about this - we don't want our players hanging around murderers," team president Larry Bird said.

Is a one game suspension "clear" enough.

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