February 27, 2008

Is McCain Natural-Born

So I read on the Internet that the New York Times is troubled because John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone and only "Natural-born citizens" are allowed to be President of the USA. Not everything you read on the Internet is true, of course, and the Times can look this up as easily as I can.

Congress passed a law in 1790 that gave natural-born citizenship to children of US Citizens born overseas. McCain's father was a Hoosier and an eventual Admiral in the US Navy, he was stationed in the Canal Zone when Senator McCain was born. The Times is wasting paper with this one, McCain is obviously eligible.


Anonymous said...

the 1790 Naturalization act was repealed and replaced by the 1795 naturalization act

Bryher1 said...

Thanks... it appears that early American politicians fiddled with immigration quite a bit... I don't think they ever fiddled as far as American's children not being Americans unless they come home to spawn, though... :)