February 29, 2008

Bluffton vs. South Adams

14-11 Bluffton at the end of the first quarter. Cody Cochran for Bluffton has 12, I think, of the 14.

22-15 Bluffton, Brock Woodward hurt his ankle, Cochran has 17. Bluffton in foul trouble already.

30-19 Bluffton at the half. Woodward has not returned to the game, Cochran has 19 points.

Woodward still out at the start of the 2nd half... he is not even on the bench.

37-22 Bluffton. Cochran has 25 points. He's dropping 3 after 3.

47-27 Bluffton, Cochran has 28 points. Bluffton's big men are out, Woodward injured, Trent Herman with four fouls.

49-29 at the end of three.

54-34 Bluffton with 5:40 to go. Cochran with 29 points. Herman back in.

Woodward has ligament or cartilage damage to his left knee. Bluffton has the game well in hand. South Adams is starting to foul to get the ball... one starter just fouled out.

58-36 Bluffton, Cochran with 31 points with 3:something left in the game.

64-49 Bluffton, 30 seconds left, fouls every trip down the floor.

65-52 Bluffton wins.... but loses 6'7" Brock Woodward for the all important Sectional Championship against Bishop Luers tomorrow.

Bluffton looked better than Luers, but it's hard to compare since Woodlan's whole goal was to stop DeShaun Thomas and they were forced to play a very messy game.

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