February 28, 2008

Haley Chaney Update for 2-28-2008

Haley Chaney's Care Page at Lutheran was updated this evening around 9:30pm. I will put the entire update at the bottom of the messages on the original post about the accident, but here's some current news (there's more at the links above):

The move to Parkview went smooth. It wasn't until yesterday that I realized unless Haley wanted to be transported to Parkview in a thin hospital gown, she would need some clothes. Thank you Eden for packing your sister a bag! Haley thoroughly enjoyed putting on her sweats, t-shirt and ball shoes. Today was the first time she had been outside in 16 days. The cold air was refreshing on her face.

She met her new therapists and liked all of them. She did say that she's not looking forward to tomorrow. I know she is somewhat intimidated by the long hours of therapy when she is still so tired. When asked what her goals were by the therapists, she said to compete in sports and get strong abs. I think they were thinking more on the lines of being able to walk, talk, problem solve, etc.

Therapists are doing their assessments today and tomorrow. They will put together a rehab plan for Haley and establish tentative long and short-term goals. It's amazing what she remembers. The only thing she had trouble with today was the month, day and year.

This is such good news and so welcome to hear. Almost anyone spending upwards of two weeks in the hospital might have the same trouble with the date... hospitals are places where Time alters beneath us.

I've heard it said that habits take 30 days to form... two more weeks of prayer will fill out those 30 days and lock us into a ritual of daily prayer... Keep it up!

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