February 29, 2008

Pacers CEO Wants you to know

The Pacers' CEO, Donnie Walsh (is this the Donnie who's always calling in on Bob and Tom?) wants you to know,

"We want our franchise to stand for the right things."

But when asked about releasing players who associate with criminals (and paying off their huge contracts), Walsh adds,

"I don't expect the franchise to have to suffer financially because a guy made a stupid decision.  We try not to do that... we may have to do that."

Bird also said that if Williams doesn't change his ways, "he won't be here." 

I'm sure IU didn't want to pay off Sampson's contract, either -- but if you want the world to think you "stand for the right things," you every once in a while have to "do the right thing."  Bird says in the article that he has counseled Williams a hundred times about associating with the right people.  Perhaps it's difficult for any young millionaire to listen... but take away the fame, if not immediately the fortune, and perhaps he will.

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