February 18, 2008

Big 10 Boiling Over

Purdue is the antithesis to everything glorified by ESPN's Ultimate Highlight or And 1 Tour—today's warped versions of Basketball for Dummies.

A look at Purdue's overall statistics showcases exactly how unusual this team is.

The leading scorer on the team, freshman guard E'Twaun Moore, posts a rather pedestrian 11.9 ppg. The second leading scorer, another freshman, Robbie Hummel—who is Brian Cardinal reincarnate (minus the male pattern balding syndrome), nets a second-best 11.3 ppg.

The team's leading rebounder, Hummel, gets only 5.9 rebounds per game. But the Boilers have eight players averaging at least three rebounds a game, an unheard of statistic that has been a key to their success. Despite the lack of a dominant inside presence, the Boilers' defense is what other Big Ten coaches are talking about.

But perhaps the most unbelievable stat for the Baby Boilers is this: No one on this team plays more than 30 minutes per game. And the team goes nine players deep every game.

No me-first superstar. Just a team willing to do all the right things.

The tradition is back for Purdue basketball.

Also back is the crowd support. Dubbed the "Mackey Magic," Purdue's Mackey Arena is rocking again—standing room only, face paint, crazed students, the whole nine [yards].

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