February 27, 2008

The Hobart Incident

I'm not sure what's going on lately with Police, but the incident up in Hobart, which happened last summer but is only now getting to court, is just as disturbing as the as the police dumping the disabled man out of his wheelchair down in Florida and the police strip searching the woman who called them for help in Ohio.  In the Hobart incident, up near Gary, the Olig family called the police because someone kept speeding up and down their street.  The whole thing is captured on video which you can see for yourself at the link at the top, but before it was over the Police and cold-cocked Mrs. Olig in the face, pulled a gun on her, took the whole family down onto the ground and arrested them all.

Even if the Oligs were mouthy (there's no sound on the tape), I can't see what would have caused a full grown male cop to punch a mother square in the face and knock her for a flat out loop in front of her kids, let alone end up pulling a gun on the family who called them for help.

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