February 29, 2008

WFFT Fox Fort Wayne and HD

Since they are supposedly broadcasting their digital, HD signal, I occasionally rescan the Dish for local channels, looking for WFFT Fox Fort Wayne to show up in my HD list, but so far, nothing... here's what they have to say:

Q: When will WFFT FOX Fort Wayne broadcast HD in Full Power?

A: Based on the information we have right now, the conversion to full power HD will happen around the Summer of 2008.

Q:  I'm having trouble receiving your HD signal.  What's up?

A:  Since we won't be broadcasting our HD signal at Full Power until later this year, the closer you live to our station, the better.

There are some other things to consider.  Your chances of receiving our HD signal are better if you have an outdoor antenna instead of an indoor antenna.  Also, some viewers have told us they cannot get our HD signal on digital channel 36-1 or 36-2, but can get it on 36-3.

Verizon FiOS carries the FOX digital signal on channel 805 and Comcast carries it on channel 234... you may need to buy an HD package, though, to get those.  Looks like we'll have to wait until summer for the freebie to be online.


Viper_Bravo, In Fort Wayne said...

WFFT-Fox Digital is broadcasting at full power ss of Aug. 13th 2008. Channel 36 or 36.1 is the channel its found on!

kevwa10191 said...

that is not true. They are still not full power as of today 9-8-08. I emailed the station manager and he told me they are still working on it. At the store I work at we constantly get people asking why they can;t get the signal for FOX on digital even though they only live 1-2 counties away from the tower.

Viper_Bravo said...

Sorry about the mix up, i recently moved and no longer pick up Fox. At my old location I was able to receive the signal at a steady rate, no drop outs or anything. Sorry for the mixup.