February 27, 2008

A Rare Political Moment

There was a democrat debate on MSNBC last night between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  The first question was about NAFTA and how Ohio hates it but Texas loves it, so who is right?  Right off the bat, Senator Clinton complained to the moderators because she was asked the first question. 

"Can I just point out that for the last several debates, I always get the first question, all the time, and I don't mind, I'll field them..."
she said, or something like that, and then went on a mini-rant about some Saturday Night Live skit I haven't seen.  The gist being that she felt, I guess, that her answering first was letting Senator Obama off the hook.  Either giving him more time to think, or else copy her answer with his own spin.  I don't even remember what she said about NAFTA, other than blaming President Bush for breaking it and pandering to the locals about fixing it.

I don't much like to hear complaints from candidates.  If Senator Clinton had said,

"I got the first question last time, let's let Senator Obama go first this time."
that would have been fine, even interesting... but to say, "I always get the first question," and then just complain about it and not do anything about it but snark at the other candidate asking if "he might want a pillow" and make the moderators look bad...

Who wants four years of that?

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