February 21, 2008

Haley Chaney Update 2-20-08

There was an update to Haley Chaney's Care Page at Lutheran late last night. I will put the entire content in the messages at the bottom of the original post about the accident, but here is some good news:
Haley was very active Tuesday night. It was her first night off of the sedatives. Her brain was still waking up and she was also experiencing some withdraw from all the sedatives. She calmed down early in the morning and rested….for a little while. Then the rehab started. When it was done, she looked and felt as though she ran a marathon. By the end of the day, she had waved bye to her grandpa. We asked if she wanted a visitor and she gave a “thumbs up.” She held up the correct number of fingers when asked. She even held her phone, turned it around to face her then slid the lid up ready to text. Wow! God is amazing. We are awaiting the MRI results from today to see if Haley has extensive ligament damage in her right knee or if there is just major bruising/swelling that will take care of itself in time.

We are continually reminded that Haley’s days will be filled with baby steps. Instead of looking into the future to see what all she has to relearn, we will look at yesterday and marvel at how far she’s come.

This is, indeed, good news.

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