October 31, 2007

Abiotic Theory

Scientific consensus has not, historically, been very reliable. What we think we know, we do not always know. Dinosaurs were once thought to be plodding, tail dragging reptiles, then they became well balanced, tail-swinging, bird-like beasts of prey. Now some scientists are saying that T-Rex, the killer dinosaur, the terrible thunder lizard of Jurassic Park, was probably a scavenger, walking about taking over the kills of the real predators like vultures do today -- possibly with feathers, as well.

On another front, tell me, could there possibly have been enough forests and creatures covering the earth to create all the oil we have found? Just how many trees and fish had to live and die over the eons in the Middle East to create the huge pools of oil there -- and why more there than other places. The Abiotic Theory is an alternate theory on how oil is produced within the earth. Is it true? It would explain why some oil wells, once played out, become productive again years later.


Google is a wonderful tool, but your searches do not always return reliable information -- Wikipedia is quite often at the top, for example, and Wikipedia is not always acceptable. A new site, ChaCha, puts humans into the mix and they weed out the the unreliable to return better quality links.


The idea for a Harry Potteresque invisibility cloak has been around for a while, and the technology is finally catching up with the idea. Simple, really, cameras on one side display to the other side -- perfect camouflage as long as your tank is lined up properly.

I read a story, long ago, about a future world where people wore belts that projected the image of themselves they preferred to the world and hid their actual body within the image. You could present yourself as any height, any weight, any race -- you could appear to be an animal or a mythical beast or anything you can think of. People walked around hidden, no one knew who they really were or what they really looked like.

But nobody was invisible.

72 Point Quarter

86-0, Ouch

A City Pittsburgh should Emulate

How about that, when asked in the mayoral debate to choose a city Pittsburgh should emulate, the Democrat candidate, incumbent Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, chose Boston and the Republican, Mark DeSantis, chose Fort Wayne
DeSantis, on the other hand, named Fort Wayne, Ind., which he said is "a shining example of how to do more with less." However, DeSantis said his staff hates it when he holds up unglamorous Fort Wayne as an example.

The contrast between the two cities sparked a deadpan reaction from WPXI-TV anchor David Johnson, who moderated the United Jewish Federation-sponsored debate.

"Boston and ... Fort Wayne," he said.

Johnson's comment was met with laughter from the audience and both candidates, but across Pittsburgh, DeSantis is not a laughing matter.

On Sunday, he became the first Republican mayoral candidate since 1969 to win the endorsement of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

"Why should a city dominated by Democrats consider a Republican for mayor?" the paper asked in its editorial. "Because one-party rule has failed Pittsburgh and failed it repeatedly."

Win a Colts Super Bowl Ring

Colts Super Bowl Ring Lottery

The three-stage "Quest for the Ring" contest begins with the sale of $5 raffle tickets through Nov. 20 at the Dome box office and participating Ticketmaster locations. On Nov. 21, 25 winning numbers will be drawn and posted on the Colts Web site, www.colts.com.

The second stage is a two-day treasure hunt when the 25 winners and up to three helpers of their choosing will search for Colts-related items around the city. Ten finalists then will gather on the field at halftime of the Dec. 2 Colts-Jacksonville game. Each will open a locked box, with five finding rings — valued at $5,000 apiece — commemorating the Colts' victory in Super Bowl XLI.

October 30, 2007

Sports Roundup for 10-30-2007

The Banner Rounds it up, including this AP report:
The Indiana High School Swimming Coaches Association Top 20 girls teams: 1. Carmel; 2. Hamilton Southeastern; 3. Homestead; 4. Columbus North; 5. Indianapolis North Central; 6. Fort Wayne Snider; 7. Yorktown; 8. Center Grove; 9. Lafayette Harrison; 10. Western; 11. Penn; 12. Norwell; 13. Bremen; 14. Kokomo; 15. Southridge; 16. (tie) Fishers, Noblesville; 18. Crown Point; 19. (tie) Mishawaka Marian, Pendleton Heights.

Pictures from the Shuttle

Sevens members Sue King and Amy Kreigh both sent me a link to some wonderful Space Shuttle Pictures (or just click on the picture, which appears to be continuing work on the International Space Station).

Colts vs. Patriots

The foreign press will be on hand for the Colts-Patriots game in Indy on Sunday.  The Patriots have apparently gotten a pass on their cheating, even if they did have to pay fines, but running up their scores and getting everyone to hate them doesn't seem like a very good act of contrition to me.
By now, it should be quite apparent the Patriots have chosen to make a statement this regular season. And that statement is this:  Bite me.

Well, bite us.

That's why it's incumbent upon the Indianapolis Colts -- those Beacons of Purity in heavenly conflict with the Forces of Pure Evil -- to not only beat the favored Patriots, but humble them, humiliate them and take their camcorder from them.

What? You don't think Jets coach Eric Mangini and every other right-thinking NFL employee and fan isn't rooting for the demise of the Belichickeans? Believe me, the Colts will have a lot more fans beyond the 57,000-plus loonies who will populate the RCA Dome on Sunday.

October 29, 2007

Big 10 Basketball Preview

Michigan State and IU

PC Police

Not for everyone, I'm sure, but I think "Literature Lost" is a nice (long) read about the origins of political correctness. A tiny sample:
Given our knowledge of the world through modern communications, it takes an extraordinary act of self-deception not to see that it is the developed countries that are slowly leading the world away from racism and male dominance. To demand an end to racism and sexism is not to reject Western society but, on the contrary, to ally oneself with Western values. "Enlightened" attitudes toward the relations between men and women; social justice; torture, rape, and other forms of physical brutality; tribalism; and even imperialism have slowly coalesced in Western societies. Only someone who reads history blindfold could think that the absence of these evils is a normal state of humankind from which the West deviates.

Magna cum Murder

I'm sorry to say that it is too late to attend the "Magna cum Murder" crime writing festival.  It was on October 26-28 in Muncie.  Lots of crime fiction fans and authors traveled to Middletown USA (Muncie) for a weekend of enjoyment.

October 28, 2007

Angola Mayoral Race

Rick Hickman, current mayor of Angola, is a graduate of Ossian High School. I imagine he must be related to the past, long-time first grade teacher of the same last name. He is running for reelection.

Waiting for the day

I'm waiting for the day when the entire Indiana legislature and the governor are called together and forced to watch the destruction of all of the lottery architecture and all of the legal slots all over the state.
A judge has ordered a businessman to watch while police destroy video gambling machines seized from his former all-ages nightclub.

October 27, 2007

College Scoreboard 10-27-2007

Purdue moves to 7-2, defeating Northwestern 35-17

Indiana should have stayed home, losing 3-33 at Wisconsin.

Notre Dame is off this weekend.

The Problem with Elmhurst

The principal retires, her secretary resigns on allegations of sexual misconduct with students. Perhaps high schools should not hire 21 year olds.

October 26, 2007

Norwell ends Football Season

Bellmont 14, Norwell 7 in a heartbreaker for the Knights

Coach Miller had to shake hands with 11 seniors who played their last game for the Knights. They were Rhett Goodmiller, Jimmy Reed, Hunter Harper, Zack Johnloz, Paul Frank, Grant Bucher, Nick Lazzell, Clarke Giltner, Jordan Foughty, Chase Weikel and Fillers.

Goodmiller finished his career with 1,090 yards rushing. Fillers had a 17-yard pass reception.

Kayla Sweet Article

The Journal-Gazette has a nice article on Norwell runner Kayla Sweet

Update: Bittersweet Ending

WFFT Fox Finally Ready for HD

WFFT Fox Channel 55 has finally announced their schedule for High Definition broadcasting:  February 2008.  Remember, if your TV is HD capable, or if you have an HD receiver attached to your TV, you only need a normal TV antenna to receive High Def.  In Fort Wayne, that means we currently receive not only channel 15, but 15-1, 15-2; we not only receive channel 21, but 21-1, 21-2; we receive 4 different channel 39 feeds and 4 different channel 33 feeds.  21-2, for example, is the CW network.  All with a small rabbit-ear type antenna.

October 25, 2007

Sweet Poison

Sevens member Sherri Kumfer sent along a chain email regarding the health dangers of the artificial sweetener Aspartame. A lot of people drink and eat a lot of Aspartame and don't seem to have any problems, but others have been able to identify Nutrasweet / Aspartame as the cause of migraine headaches, MS-like symptoms, arthritis-like symptoms, etc. If you click on the picture of the book, it will take you to Amazon where you can read the comments people have left regarding the issue.

I think I'll start drinking juice.

Norwell vs. Bellmont II

The Banner report on Norwell vs. Bellmont Part II. Norwell won the first game on a last second blocked kick.

Lets hope the Knights avenge the girls volleyball team's loss to the Braves last weekend.

Bill Clinton vs. Truthers

Bill Clinton's speech is interrupted by "Truthers" (A "Truther" is someone who believes 9/11 was an inside job to get us into war. Someone who believes our own government planted bombs inside the World Trade Center towers to bring them down and that we sent one of our own cruise missiles into the Pentagon). I'm glad to see he didn't just let it pass like so many do these days. It is very good to see someone stand up and talk back to people spouting lies. Discourse is getting so boorish, so coarse, so uncivil as to be frightening.

Condi Rice is fourth in line to be President. What learned person, male or female, black or white, seeing that picture would want to go into public service. The encounter above was right in the Capitol, before a hearing. The woman with fake blood on her hands (I hope it was fake) was dragged out by security, but others of her Code Pink cohorts continued to interrupt and were taken out later.

Update: a sample of current college communication

The Dilbert Blog

If you like the Dilbert comic strip, the author, Scott Adams, also has a blog that is often just as funny as his comic. Put it in your favorites and read it every day for a smile. Here's a sample from today:

Did you see in the news that a woman has accused famous magician David Copperfield of sexual assault?

If he’s innocent, I would like to be David Copperfield’s defense lawyer. I would argue that my client doesn’t need to assault women because he knows magic. When he wants some action, all he has to do is make a willing woman materialize. The judge would admonish me for not being serious, at which point I would do a theatrical turn toward my client and say, “BEHOLD!” In a prearranged move, Copperfield would pull a blanket from his sleeve, drape it over the defense table, wave his arms, and a pair of feet would appear under the table, high heels facing the judge.
Read the whole thing.

October 24, 2007

Public Safety Academy

Senator Evan Bayh worked to secure some more money from taxpayers in other states (which is actually just money borrowed from China since the Feds spend more than they take in) for a Public Safety Academy in Fort Wayne. Even if it is nice to have a regional facility here, why can't we pay for it ourselves instead of borrowing the money? Why? Because free postage and free press isn't enough for Congress, they also get earmarks -- free voter bribes. It's no accident that more senators retire than are ever voted out.

Rumble in the Fort

No, it's not Kelty vs. the Republican Party vs. Henry, it's the 10th annual indoor midget car race at the Coliseum. December 28 and 29.

But if you're interested in that other rumble... here's a depressing summary of the case.

Jena Myths

If you're at all interested in the Jena 6 story, this is a must read: Media Myths About the Jena 6

By now, almost everyone in America has heard of Jena, La., because they've all heard the story of the "Jena 6." White students hanging nooses barely punished, a schoolyard fight, excessive punishment for the six black attackers, racist local officials, public outrage and protests – the outside media made sure everyone knew the basics.

There's just one problem: The media got most of the basics wrong. In fact, I have never before witnessed such a disgrace in professional journalism. Myths replaced facts, and journalists abdicated their solemn duty to investigate every claim because they were seduced by a powerfully appealing but false narrative of racial injustice.

I should know. I live in Jena. My wife has taught at Jena High School for many years. And most important, I am probably the only reporter who has covered these events from the very beginning.

Be sure to read it all. Nothing good, it seems, ever comes from brushes with the press.

Sports Roundup for 10-24-2007

The Banner rounds it up, including
Norwell senior Allee Donaghy was one of four Lady Knights named to the Northeast Hoosier Conference volleyball team. Donaghy was a first team selection. Senior Alex Baker and junior Haley Chaney were second team selections. Senior Alecia Gilbert was honorable mention.
And also:
The Norwell Knights football parents will have a tailgate party prior to the Bellmont-Norwell sectional game Friday, starting at 5:30 p.m. Please bring a dish to share. Table service, meat and drinks will be provided. Bellmont fans also are welcome.

Two More Positives for MRSA

4 Cases of MRSAConfirmed at Norwell
However, three of those students are back to school. Three other athletes and cheerleaders are being examined for potentially having MRSA, the acronym for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureras, an anti-biotic resistant staph infection which typically enters the body through a break in the skin.

October 23, 2007

The Stanley Deaths

Count me shocked
An 18-year-old woman died of natural causes six days after her sister was murdered, a coroner said Tuesday.

Kelly Stanley of Centerville died as a result of a seizure, Wayne County Coroner Kevin Fouche said in a news release. The coroner released his ruling after a second set of toxicology tests on her body.

So according to the police, Erin Stanley, 19, was murdered by her boyfriend and six days later -- before the police had even charged the boyfriend -- her 18 year old sister, Kelly, died of natural causes.

There were words in the paper to the effect that Kelly was helping the police in the investigation into her sister's death when she, herself, died. There were words in the paper and on TV about how embarrassing it would be to the police if they had not protected Kelly during the investigation. The discovery of a previously undiscussed seizure disorder certainly benefits the police. Let's hope the family doesn't have to further suffer from some sort of half-baked cover-up.

Tocsin Sunset

Thanks to Sevens member Sherri Kumfer for sending in pictures of last night's sunset. Check out more in the series by clicking on the picture above. Beautiful.

Dalai Lama Hoosier

The Dalai Lama is spending the week in Indiana.

The trip marks the fifth visit to the area by the Dalai Lama, whose brother founded the Tibetan Cultural Center near Bloomington as a faculty member at Indiana University. It comes less than a week after he was given America's highest civilian honor, the Congressional Gold Medal.

The event, proclaimed on billboards around Bloomington, is expected to generate $1 million for the city's economy as Buddhists from across the state and beyond convene for a week of festivities. Those include performances by Mongolian dancers wearing giant head masks and throat singers whose guttural noises defy the lower reaches of the musical scale.

But the main draw during the Dalai Lama's five-day stay is the 12 hours of Buddhist teachings he is scheduled to deliver at IU and two lectures geared to the general public, one at IU and another at Purdue.

If the Pope would come and deliver 12 hours of Catholic teaching at State funded universities, would he be as welcome?

Feed the Homeless: Vote COLTS

This will take less than 20 seconds a day to do and may help feed many homeless people in the Indianapolis area.

Follow this link http://www.chunky.com/clickforcansvote.aspx and vote for the Indianapolis Colts.  At the end of the contest, Campbell's will donate to the winning city cans of soup totaling the entire team weight of the winning team.  There are 53 players on  an NFL roster... add up all of the player's weight and Campbell's will donate that many cans to the local food shelter.  You can vote once a day, so bookmark the link or come back here often and vote.  If you want to investigate clearing your cookies and voting more than once a day, well, who would do such a thing?

Right now, the Packers are ahead.

Bluffton Schools Clear of MRSA

As of this week, there have been no reported cases in the Bluffton District of the feared drug resistant bacterial infection known as MRSA.

As of last Friday, Norwell High School had two confirmed cases of MRSA, along with two other suspected cases that had yet to be confirmed.

Last week, Norwell's interim superintendent Michael Sailsbery told the News-Banner, "We're taking a number of precautions." Sailsbery said that the high school had closed the weight training room and other athletic facilities, and they had been disinfected by a professional cleaning contractor.

Northern Wells Community Schools mailed a letter to all parents of high school students which listed precautions that the school was taking to address the situation. Sailsbery said the cases had been presenting as a persistent skin rash, and students had consulted with their family doctors.

Sailsbery had said the infected students were doing fine and were in no apparent danger. "All necessary precautions" are being undertaken to prevent any further infections," Sailsbery said.

October 22, 2007

Wrecking the Dome

I suppose we'll get used to it, but it will be difficult to talk talk about the Lucas Oil Stadium once the RCA Dome meets the wrecking ball.
Removal of the RCA Dome's exterior utility lines will begin in January, with demolition expected to start next spring on the home of the Indianapolis Colts, which are to begin playing in the new 63,000-seat, retractable-roof stadium next season.The timing and method for the demolition is based on not disrupting events at the adjoining convention center

Kayla Sweet 2nd in Semi-State

Norwell's Kayla Sweet ran 2nd in the New Haven Semi-State. Both the boys and girls meets were won by freshman from Carroll. Yowsa.

Update: The Banner covers Kayla Sweet

“After the first mile, I was struggling a little because I had a rock in my foot,” said a glowing Sweet after her race. “I was in I think 12th at the time, and I didn’t think I would move up or anything, but I just kept with it, started passing some people and didn’t quit until the end.”

With about a half mile to go, Sweet was running in seventh place, but quickly turned on the jets down the final homestretch, and when DeKalb’s Autumn Beachy fell only 10 feet from the finish line and Sweet ran past her into the chute. You could hear her Norwell teammates and fans cheering and shouting all the way back in Ossian.

What made her accomplishment even more amazing is that from the first mile marker on, she was running with a sharp rock protruding through her cleat into her right foot, causing her excruciating pain.

What a great race for Ms. Sweet! And now she heads to the State.

Note: Kudo's to the Bluffton Banner for their continuing, wonderful sports coverage. It always surprises me that the Fort Wayne papers don't do more in-depth local sports coverage -- that would help their sales sooo much.

Knights Destroy West Noble

Norwell 67, West Noble 14
Ligonier — It looked like last year’s state runners-up Knights had suited up to play Friday night, as Norwell ran away from the West Noble Chargers 67-13 in first round action of Class 3A Sectional 19.

Rockies' Tickets Anyone

The quest to obtain Colorado Rockies World Series Tickets went south Monday when their computers crashed under the workload

On Monday, there were 8.5 million attempts to connect with the computers in the first 90 minutes after sales started, he said, and only several hundred tickets had been sold before the system had to be shut down.

The Rockies put as many as 60,000 tickets up for sale online only, and  team officials said their computers were ready to handle the expected crush. But two hours after tickets went on sale, many fans reported they could not get access to the ticket-sales Web site.

I wonder if it's because they think they can beat the Red Sox...

Lady Knights end Season

Bellmont ended the Knight's volleyball season over the weekend, but I believe Norwell's underclassmen  took note of what it will take to defeat a team like Bellmont  and will work toward  that end for next year.  The Knights had a great season.

Bayh for VP?

Indiana House Speaker Patrick Bauer thinks so

Several political analysts and observers say Bayh is likely to be considered as Clinton's running mate if she gets the nomination. It would give the ticket a centrist Democrat and a former, popular governor from a Republican-leaning state.

The Clinton campaign announced Oct. 15 that Bauer, former Indiana House Speaker John Gregg, former Indiana first lady Judy O'Bannon and four other big-name Democrats in Indiana had signed up to become co-chairs of her campaign in the state.

Gregg said Friday that he did not want to comment on whether he spoke to Bayh about endorsing Clinton. But he said the possibility of Bayh becoming vice president under her was a major factor in his decision.

"I think if he is vice president it would help the state of Indiana from an economic development standpoint and every other standpoint," Gregg said.

October 21, 2007

Gaming Raid

Police raided a business and confiscated 88 electronic gaming devices in Terre Haute. It's peeving that the government is allowed to run gambling games and bring the police down on anyone who competes with them. I'm trying to think of other leisure-type activities the government runs, but prevents the people from running... can you think of any? Is gambling the only one?

A Horrible Crash

Three children and two adults are killed today when a van transporting Amish passengers lost control and flipped through the median on I-69 around Muncie. Six other people were injured in the crash.

Iron Art

Sevens member Mark Thomas (left) is the subject of a very nice article in the Journal Gazette today. Mark is a blacksmith and has some of his iron works of art on display at the Creative Arts Center of Wells County through Thanksgiving. The Creative Arts Center is located at 211 West Water Street in Bluffton. Click on Mark's picture at the left to go to his web site and make sure to read the article linked above.

Congratulations, Mark!

October 20, 2007

Purdue Handles Drinking and Driving

How to you handle players drinking and driving? Fire them, before they kill someone.

College Scoreboard 10-20-2007

Purdue thumps Iowa 31-6

IU fumbles to Penn State 31-36

Notre Dame loses bad to USC 0-38

Marching Knights Finish 4th

The Norwell Marching Knights finished 4th in class at the State Finals
Norwell’s performance, titled “Simply Surreal,” started with a flute duet accompanied by xylophones and marimbas before a pulsing bass drum and the rest of the band joined in.

Square black boards were placed in a semi-circle in the back of the field and by the end of the show were lit up in blue, gold and red lights with the word “surreal” illuminated in black.

October 19, 2007

MRSA Staff Verified at Norwell

The Banner: Deadly drug-resistant strain found at Norwell

21 Alive: MRSA at Norwell High School

Journal-Gazette: Superbug Staff Infection Hits Norwell

Lafayette AP report: Two Students at Two Schools

WTHR Indy: Staff Cases Show up in Indiana

The Indy Channel: Four Students Diagnosed with Superbug

See the comments section for this post for the Norwell Letter to Parents regarding fighting MRSA.

Norwell Alum now VP

Norwell Alum Darin Archbold is now a VP at Fifth Third Bank
Darin Archbold has joined Fifth Third Bank as vice president and area sales manager for the Fort Wayne market. With more than 12 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Archbold is responsible for managing and building a team of mortgage loan originators in Fort Wayne and the surrounding counties. He is a graduate of Norwell High School and holds a bachelor of science degree in business from Butler University.
Congrats, Darin!

October 18, 2007

Staff Infections

A nice, local roundup of the Staff Infections school stories. Nasty stuff.

Buggs Temple Opens

Buggs Temple opens on Friday, 10-19. It's supposed to have one of the best views of any restaurant in Indy. Buggs is a renovated 1918 African Methodist Episcopal Church right on the Canal with a great view of downtown.

Fishers is Growing

Fishers is annexing the Geist area

All Gone Now

With the death of Joey Bishop yesterday, the Rat Pack left the building.

Halloween Hangman

Sevens member Amy Kreigh sent this a Halloween Hangman game (the best part is the smart alack skeleton).

Accident Witness

Sevens member Sherri Kumfer sent in the seagull shoplifter above (click on it) and this very funny audio from a car accident witness.


Find census information by zip code

Shots Fired at Brazil, IN School

An apparent drive-by shooting put holes in the cafeteria window in a Brazil, IN elementary school. Brazil is southwest of Indy.

October 15, 2007

Norwell Band Advances

The Norwell Marching Band earned a Gold rating at the Chesterton Regionals and moved on to the state finals in the RCA dome on Saturday.

Sweet Record

Kayla Sweet took first ran a personal best and set the course record at the Marion Regional.
Sweet won the Marion Cross Country Regional in a personal best and course record of 18:47, almost a full minute ahead of the next finisher.

“I feel really good right now,” said a breathless Sweet after a cool-down jog. “My goal today was just to PR (personal record), and that’s what I went for. Now my goal is just to place in the top 15 next week and make it to the state meet.”

NSA Wire Taps

You've probably heard more than you ever wanted about the NSA tapping calls and emails originating from suspected terrorists overseas and coming into the United States. I found the above graphic, though, very interesting. It shows the telephone and internet traffic world wide. It turns out that nearly all communications in the world travels through the United States -- why, well, we were just first with the Internet and with large scale communications, so most of the switching stations are here. If you look at the picture closely, you'll see that, for example, India can't call Japan without going through America... pretty cool. Click on the picture to read the "Wired" article.

College Scoreboard 10-14-2007

Purdue stomped by Michigan 21-48 (Michigan picked picked this week to wake up)

IU trounced by Michigan State 27-52

Notre Dame loses (again) to Boston College 27-14

A bad, bad day for Indiana football teams, although Ball State won their Homecoming over Western Kentucky 35-12.

October 12, 2007

Norwell at Columbia City

3A Norwell, 4-4 visits 4A Columbia City, 0-8.

Norwell 7, Columbia City 0.

Sim City

I used to watch over the shoulders of my sons as they played Sim City. I remember thinking, at the time, that in another twenty years a whole generation of city planners, schooled on games like Sim City, would revolutionize how American cities are managed. Every time I read about plans being blocked, I renew my hope for the future planners...
Illinois Senator Durbin: "It troubles me why month after month we have to worry about the governor of Indiana asking for another permit to pollute this lake," Durbin said at a news conference. "I wish Gov. (Mitch) Daniels would come up and take a look at this beautiful lake. It is not just the backyard and sewage dump for the heavy industries that happen to be in Indiana. It happens to be a great asset for his state, for our state and for many others in the Midwest."
Indiana Governor Daniels: "It's clear that the senator (Durbin) doesn't care if steelworkers lose their jobs or not, and it sounds like he prefers that northwest Indiana be a residential colony of Chicago," Jankowski said after speaking with the Republican governor. "It's our responsibility to keep Lake Michigan clean and people at work."
If you've never seen Sim City in action, it is a computer game that simulates building a city from the pipes up. The better you build it, the more simulated people show up to live there... if you don't plan on enough schools, or security, or power, or parks, or universities... people start leaving until it dies... the trick is to try to supply the needs of the people, plan for their future, without running out of money. You control the tax rate, the type of power available, the type of roads or subways or rail, the type of neighborhoods -- everything.

Let's hope an influx of Sim-trained city planners can find a way through the politics of the future.

Finally Fall

Troubled Schools

2 East Allen County Schools Locked Down

Two East Allen County Schools were put into lockdown for about an hour Thursday afternoon after a threat was found on a student’s parked car.

Also, Bullying at Elmhurst
A gun threat made against a local high school student has one mother questioning if the school is doing enough to keep students safe.

Mother Jackie Reyes is concerned for her son's safety. The 16 year old is a student at Elmhurst High School. A week ago, another student there threatened him and a close friend in an email sent via MySpace. The email is very explicit, and clearly outlines a gun threat. The student wrote that he knew where the other student lived and that he or a friend could shoot him.

And, sadly, even Ball State
MUNCIE -- Anger apparently drove 19-year-old Amanda Polson and four Ball State University students to beat and stomp another student at an off-campus party, according to police investigator Jami Brown. "It got so far out of proportion, they don't even know what they were fighting over," said Brown, who described the attack as vicious.

Brown said Polson and the other suspects showed no remorse for the alleged attack as police found evidence that some bragged about the incident on Facebook, along with witnesses and others at the party. More than 20 people were at the off-campus party.

Sports Roundup for 10-12-2007

The Banner Rounds it up, including
The Norwell Lady Knights defeated the Bluffton Lady Tigers 25-17, 25-13, 25-18 on Thursday night at the Tiger Den. It was the final regular season matches for each team as each heads into Indiana state tournament sectional play next week. Norwell ended up its regular slate with a 22-8 record.

Plus, Norwell Girls Soccer loses a shootout in Sectional overtime.

October 10, 2007

I'm sure she deserves every penny

Ft. Wayne Stripper Wins Worker's Comp Case


Need to buy or rent a new or used Bobcat? Contact Sevens member Chuck Moughler at Bobcat of Ft. Wayne, he'll set you up.

Sports Roundup for 10-10-2007

The Banner rounds it up, including
The Norwell Lady Knights volleyball team defeated the Southern Wells Lady Raiders 25-20, 25-23, 25-14 on Tuesday. Alison Painter and Alex Baker led the Lady Knights with five kills apiece, while Alecia Gilbert and Kelsey Kline each had four. Andrea Vogel chipped in three, while Amanda Meyer and Lindsey Dahn each had two. Lindsey Stronczek had 11 set assists and Mallory Bushee had 10. Bushee also had two service aces and three digs. Baker added 11 digs.

Also, Norwell wins Bellmont Cross Country Sectional and Norwell draws West Noble in the 3A Football Sectional.

October 9, 2007

Woodlan defeats Norwell

The Norwell Girls Volleyball team lost to Woodlan to move to 20-8 on the season.

Norwell drew Peru in the Class 3A Sectional:
Class 3A Sectional 22
At Fort Wayne Elmhurst
Match 1 – Fort Wayne Elmhurst vs. Bellmont.
Match 2 – Maconaquah vs. Fort Wayne Wayne.
Match 3 – Winner of Match 1 vs. Winner of Match 2.
Match 4 – Norwell vs. Peru.
Championship – Winner of Match 3 vs. Winner of Match 4.

Boyfriend Charged in Centerville Death

The boyfriend of the first of the sisters to die in the Centerville murders has been charged with her murder. He has not been charged with the other sister's death -- yet.

This is the first article I've read that mentioned that the older sister, Erin, had a baby by the boyfriend.

October 8, 2007

October 5, 2007

Shipshewana Water Park

Shipshewana has opened a new water park and a car museum.
Focus Hospitality put up $25 million for an indoor water park and resort called Splash Universe. Officials hope the water park will draw a younger crowd to that northern Indiana area.

The park features water slides, a lazy river and an adventure area. The resort includes more than 150 themed guest rooms.

Purdue vs. Ohio State

Purdue, OSU meet for the Big Ten lead tomorrow night at 8pm.

Purdue, unranked in the preseason, has blitzed through its first five opponents. The Boilermakers see a win over the fourth-ranked Buckeyes on Saturday night as a major step toward their goals of winning the Big Ten title and earning national recognition.

"It's time to go out there and prove we can play with the best teams out there," Purdue defensive end Cliff Avril said. "It can put Purdue on the map for this season."

Sports Roundup for 10-5-2007

The Banner rounds it up, including
Alex Baker and Haley Chaney led the Norwell Lady Knights volleyball team to victory over the Homestead Lady Spartans in four games 25-18, 22-25, 25-19, 25-18 on Thursday at Fort Wayne.

The JV won as well.

218 and 1

After plenty of accidents, the intersection of 218 and 1 is turning into a 4 way stop.
INDOT found that in 2003, 2,814 cars went through that intersection in a 12-hour-period. This year, that number rose to 3,396. INDOT now plans to add a 4-way-stop. Improvements also include "stop ahead" signs about a thousand feet before the stop signs, along both State Roads One and 218, to let drivers know they'll now have to stop in either direction.

October 4, 2007

Norwell vs. Homestead

Norwell faces Homestead at the castle on senior night

Northeast Hoosier Conference leader Homestead will be at Norwell for a senior night 7 p.m. kickoff, while the Raiders will entertain the Heritage Patriots.

Norwell is 4-3 and 2-3 in the NHC, while Homestead is 6-1 and 5-0 in league play. The Spartans lead the series 24-11, but the Knights have won the last three games, including last year’s 56-18 victory at Fort Wayne. Homestead has not won since 2003 — a 38-2 romp at the Knights’ Courtyard.

Update: Homestead has the game well in hand in the third quarter.

Update: Spartans spoil Senior Night, Knights lose 41-7

October 3, 2007

Where Else

Ever wonder whether America is becoming oppressive? You know, the Patriot Act and people listening in on calls coming from overseas and the Republicans and Democrats fighting an all-out war with all of us in the middle? But how bad can it be if blind people can sue Target because the Target website uses too many images and not enough text. Just where in the world, besides America, would something like that happen? I'm not making light of the blind, or their case, but truly, only in America.

Sports Roundup 10-03-2007

The Bluffton-Banner rounds it up, including, sadly, a loss for the Norwell volleyball team:
The Norwell Lady Knights battled back to force a fifth and deciding game against the East Noble Lady Knights but ended up losing the Northeast Hoosier Conference match 3-2

Make sure to read the sports roundup for information on Norwell Football tailgating for Senior night against Homestead.

October 2, 2007

Al Oerter has passed away

Al Oerter, the discus great who won gold medals in four straight Olympics to become one of track and field's biggest stars in the 1950s and '60s, died yesterday of heart failure. He was 71.

Olympic Legend

Colts' Morris Out for the Season

Indianapolis Colts Linebacker Rob Morris will need surgery to repair a tendon in his knee and is out for the season.  The status of four other injured starters is still up in the air:

Uncertainty hovers over the other four prominent players injured in the game: eight-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Marvin Harrison (bruised left knee), former Pro Bowl safety Bob Sanders (bruised ribs), running back Joseph Addai (bruised shoulder) and tight end Ben Utecht (concussion).

Until doctors clear the ailing players, Dungy will follow instincts engrained in him since he first became an NFL assistant coach with Pittsburgh in 1981. "If as coaches we were planning, we'll plan for all of them to be out,'' he said.

October 1, 2007


Just passing along a beautiful picture of Preikestolen, also known as Pulpit Rock, in Norway. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

Colts Injuries

Loss of 5 Key Colts Dampens Big Win
The Indianapolis Colts might not discover the cost of their latest victory -- 38-20 over the Denver Broncos -- until today. That's when coach Tony Dungy will meet with his medical staff and receive an update on injuries that sidelined five front-line players during the course of the game: wide receiver Marvin Harrison (left knee), running back Joseph Addai (shoulder), linebacker Rob Morris (left knee), safety Bob Sanders (ribs) and tight end Ben Utecht (unspecified injury).

I'd almost rather some key colts get some rest early in the season that later.

Scared Straight

Pacer Shawne Williams was sentenced today for driving without a license (for driving without ever, in his life, having a license). He was driving with two friends from his high school days, one with drugs and the other with guns.
The 6-foot-9 Williams, a first-round draft pick last year out of Memphis, was arrested Sept. 11 after a traffic stop in which marijuana was found in his car. One passenger was charged with possession of the drug and another was charged with handgun violations.

Williams showed Judge Linda E. Brown a new driver's license at the hearing, which was rescheduled after he failed to show up in court Friday. He told the judge he had overslept. She had threatened to issue a warrant for his arrest if he didn't show up Monday.

His penalty... oh, 40 days of community service.

I'm sure that will scare him straight.

One Billion in Matching Funds

The Feds have accepted Indiana's low income Healthy Indiana Plan and will provide $1 Billion in matching funds. Indiana's portion of the money will be coming from a 44 cent increase in cigarette taxes.

The Feds are currently arguing with the President over the SCHIP program, which covers a similar group of people nation wide and raises the cigarette tax by 61 cents.

So if you really care about health care in Indiana, in America, smoke more.

Update: Indiana would be a SCHIP donor state, generating $300 million by out smokers and using $50 million by our poor uninsured... the $250 million difference goes to other states.

Sports Roundup 10-01-2007

Huntington North defeats Norwell in a close tennis final.

The Banner rounds up the sports news, including
The Norwell Lady Knights soccer team demolished the Fort Wayne North Side Redskins 13-1 on Saturday at Fort Wayne.