October 30, 2007

Colts vs. Patriots

The foreign press will be on hand for the Colts-Patriots game in Indy on Sunday.  The Patriots have apparently gotten a pass on their cheating, even if they did have to pay fines, but running up their scores and getting everyone to hate them doesn't seem like a very good act of contrition to me.
By now, it should be quite apparent the Patriots have chosen to make a statement this regular season. And that statement is this:  Bite me.

Well, bite us.

That's why it's incumbent upon the Indianapolis Colts -- those Beacons of Purity in heavenly conflict with the Forces of Pure Evil -- to not only beat the favored Patriots, but humble them, humiliate them and take their camcorder from them.

What? You don't think Jets coach Eric Mangini and every other right-thinking NFL employee and fan isn't rooting for the demise of the Belichickeans? Believe me, the Colts will have a lot more fans beyond the 57,000-plus loonies who will populate the RCA Dome on Sunday.

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