October 23, 2007

The Stanley Deaths

Count me shocked
An 18-year-old woman died of natural causes six days after her sister was murdered, a coroner said Tuesday.

Kelly Stanley of Centerville died as a result of a seizure, Wayne County Coroner Kevin Fouche said in a news release. The coroner released his ruling after a second set of toxicology tests on her body.

So according to the police, Erin Stanley, 19, was murdered by her boyfriend and six days later -- before the police had even charged the boyfriend -- her 18 year old sister, Kelly, died of natural causes.

There were words in the paper to the effect that Kelly was helping the police in the investigation into her sister's death when she, herself, died. There were words in the paper and on TV about how embarrassing it would be to the police if they had not protected Kelly during the investigation. The discovery of a previously undiscussed seizure disorder certainly benefits the police. Let's hope the family doesn't have to further suffer from some sort of half-baked cover-up.

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