October 31, 2007

Abiotic Theory

Scientific consensus has not, historically, been very reliable. What we think we know, we do not always know. Dinosaurs were once thought to be plodding, tail dragging reptiles, then they became well balanced, tail-swinging, bird-like beasts of prey. Now some scientists are saying that T-Rex, the killer dinosaur, the terrible thunder lizard of Jurassic Park, was probably a scavenger, walking about taking over the kills of the real predators like vultures do today -- possibly with feathers, as well.

On another front, tell me, could there possibly have been enough forests and creatures covering the earth to create all the oil we have found? Just how many trees and fish had to live and die over the eons in the Middle East to create the huge pools of oil there -- and why more there than other places. The Abiotic Theory is an alternate theory on how oil is produced within the earth. Is it true? It would explain why some oil wells, once played out, become productive again years later.

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