October 12, 2007

Troubled Schools

2 East Allen County Schools Locked Down

Two East Allen County Schools were put into lockdown for about an hour Thursday afternoon after a threat was found on a student’s parked car.

Also, Bullying at Elmhurst
A gun threat made against a local high school student has one mother questioning if the school is doing enough to keep students safe.

Mother Jackie Reyes is concerned for her son's safety. The 16 year old is a student at Elmhurst High School. A week ago, another student there threatened him and a close friend in an email sent via MySpace. The email is very explicit, and clearly outlines a gun threat. The student wrote that he knew where the other student lived and that he or a friend could shoot him.

And, sadly, even Ball State
MUNCIE -- Anger apparently drove 19-year-old Amanda Polson and four Ball State University students to beat and stomp another student at an off-campus party, according to police investigator Jami Brown. "It got so far out of proportion, they don't even know what they were fighting over," said Brown, who described the attack as vicious.

Brown said Polson and the other suspects showed no remorse for the alleged attack as police found evidence that some bragged about the incident on Facebook, along with witnesses and others at the party. More than 20 people were at the off-campus party.

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