October 25, 2007

Bill Clinton vs. Truthers

Bill Clinton's speech is interrupted by "Truthers" (A "Truther" is someone who believes 9/11 was an inside job to get us into war. Someone who believes our own government planted bombs inside the World Trade Center towers to bring them down and that we sent one of our own cruise missiles into the Pentagon). I'm glad to see he didn't just let it pass like so many do these days. It is very good to see someone stand up and talk back to people spouting lies. Discourse is getting so boorish, so coarse, so uncivil as to be frightening.

Condi Rice is fourth in line to be President. What learned person, male or female, black or white, seeing that picture would want to go into public service. The encounter above was right in the Capitol, before a hearing. The woman with fake blood on her hands (I hope it was fake) was dragged out by security, but others of her Code Pink cohorts continued to interrupt and were taken out later.

Update: a sample of current college communication

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