October 23, 2007

Bluffton Schools Clear of MRSA

As of this week, there have been no reported cases in the Bluffton District of the feared drug resistant bacterial infection known as MRSA.

As of last Friday, Norwell High School had two confirmed cases of MRSA, along with two other suspected cases that had yet to be confirmed.

Last week, Norwell's interim superintendent Michael Sailsbery told the News-Banner, "We're taking a number of precautions." Sailsbery said that the high school had closed the weight training room and other athletic facilities, and they had been disinfected by a professional cleaning contractor.

Northern Wells Community Schools mailed a letter to all parents of high school students which listed precautions that the school was taking to address the situation. Sailsbery said the cases had been presenting as a persistent skin rash, and students had consulted with their family doctors.

Sailsbery had said the infected students were doing fine and were in no apparent danger. "All necessary precautions" are being undertaken to prevent any further infections," Sailsbery said.

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