October 25, 2007

The Dilbert Blog

If you like the Dilbert comic strip, the author, Scott Adams, also has a blog that is often just as funny as his comic. Put it in your favorites and read it every day for a smile. Here's a sample from today:

Did you see in the news that a woman has accused famous magician David Copperfield of sexual assault?

If he’s innocent, I would like to be David Copperfield’s defense lawyer. I would argue that my client doesn’t need to assault women because he knows magic. When he wants some action, all he has to do is make a willing woman materialize. The judge would admonish me for not being serious, at which point I would do a theatrical turn toward my client and say, “BEHOLD!” In a prearranged move, Copperfield would pull a blanket from his sleeve, drape it over the defense table, wave his arms, and a pair of feet would appear under the table, high heels facing the judge.
Read the whole thing.

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