February 29, 2008

Luers vs. Woodlan

Luers is up, 33-31, just after the half. DeShaun Thomas has only 2 points as Woodlan is double and triple teaming him at every possession.

47-46 Luers with 5 minutes to go.... Thomas still with only 2... Woodlan playing a "Diamond in One" falling in on Thomas at each touch of the ball.

56-49 Luers with 1:50 to go... other Luers players are taking up the slack for Thomas. Woodlan has a ton of fouls compared to Luers.

60-52 Luers with 40 seconds left, Thomas has 8 points... Woodlan fouling at every possession, trying to score with the clock off.

64-54 Luers with less than 20 seconds left. Woodlan players are starting to foul out. Thomas has 10 points.

65-54 Luers, Final. Woodlan was able to stop Thomas, but at the cost of many, many fouls and the scoring just moved to other, capable Luers players.

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