January 28, 2008

Can Tiger be Stopped?

With Tiger's win at the Buick yesterday, he ties Arnold Palmer for career wins. How do the other players drag themselves out of bed, one wonders. I didn't really follow the coverage of hurt feelings on the Golf Channel when announcer Kelly Tilghman said that maybe the rest of the PGA field would like to "lynch him in a back alley." Tiger (showing the class he always seems to show) was able to shrug the comment off as the bad joke it was. Still, Tilghman was suspended for two weeks for the comment. Golfweek magazine, however, decided to run picture of a noose which stirred it all up again. Now ex-football star Jim Brown is complaining that Tiger Woods wasn't upset enough and doesn't do enough for the Black Community (in other words, Tiger doesn't do politics, because he does plenty of charity work).

How about we just kick back and watch him play. The one sure way to stop Tiger's march through history is to turn him into something he's not. Jim Brown, after all, quit pro football when he was 30 after only 9 years so he could be in the movies. Shall Tiger cut his career short to go on the campaign trail with the candidate of his choice, or to run a charitable foundation, or to just kick back like Jim Brown and complain about other people's fame being wasted?

Let him be.

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