January 21, 2008

Indiana Schools

Indiana ranks first in the nation for standards, assessments and accountability

For the second consecutive year, Indiana ranked first nationally for its high academic, testing and accountability standards. The rankings for K-12 students and schools are part of the annual Quality Counts report by Education Week, a national weekly magazine devoted to education matters. Overall, Indiana received a "B-," which ranks above the nation's grade of a "C." No state received higher than a B.

Standards, Assessments and Accountability – Indiana Ranking: 1

Indiana achieved the highest rating of all states for its academic standards, assessments and accountability system. Indiana has consistently received national recognition in these areas since revising state standards in 2000 and aligning its assessments and accountability system with these rigorous expectations.

K-12 Achievement – Indiana Ranking: 25

State rankings in this area were determined using nine indicators that included areas such as student scores on Advance Placement (AP) tests, high school graduation rates, changes in the poverty gap and how well students did in reading and math with National Assessment for Educational Progress (NAEP).

The Teaching Profession – Indiana Ranking: 28

The report ranked Indiana 28th for factors related to teaching as a profession. It gave higher scores to states that tied teacher evaluation to student performance, provided financial incentives to teachers and principals to work in high needs schools, and had a state requirement that all teachers be evaluated on an annual basis. Currently, these issues are handled by local Indiana school boards.

Interesting... I think the k-12 Achievement being #1 is the goal... let's hope the Standards work to get us there.

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