January 15, 2008

Bluffton Movie Theater

There's talk of having a movie theater in Bluffton

While we are thrilled to see Wells County moving forward with all due diligence, there is still something missing for the kids and everyday people that has lacked since the 77-year-old The Grand Theatre tumbled to the ground on a sunny day in March 1981: a movie theater.

All the economic development initiatives here are fabulous, but we still need a place in our community where a family or group of friends can go to relax and unwind. That place, we hope, will be Chris Jones’ theater, as it could fill a hole that has existed in Bluffton for more than two decades.

Although I certainly remember going to the Grand (and to the Drive-In), I wonder if large-screen TV's and Hi-Def DVD players will steal much of the thunder of having a new theater in the Bluffton area. Watching a movie at home doesn't get a person out of the house, but it's a lot cheaper.

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