February 15, 2008

Huntington Ethanol Plant a "Go"

NuFuels LLC is planning to build a $100 million ethanol plant on the East side of Huntington (pay site).

The long-awaited, much-debated ethanol plant planned for the east side of Huntington is back on track and could be under construction by spring or summer of this year, said Fort Wayne businessman Jerry Henry.

The $100-million project is "the biggest investment in the city of Huntington ever," he added. After it is completed, Henry hopes to build a biodiesel plant on the same 120-acre site, which he purchased a year ago for about $1 million.

But the project has drawn opposition from a group of residents concerned about the ethanol plant's impact on air quality, traffic and other factors. Henry said he expects the group, Huntington County Citizens for a Responsible Environment (CARE), to file a lawsuit in an attempt to stop the project, but that won't deter him from moving forward.

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