February 15, 2008

UNI Shooting - Regarding Chandler Harnish

This mail was forwarded on to me by Sevens member Deb Blinn. Chandler Harnish led the Knights to the State Championship game in 2006 and he is now attending Northern Illinois University where there was a shooting yesterday which killed seven people. This email was sent by his Dad, Ron Harnish (who once crushed me like a bug when I called him out on Senior Hit Day) and forwarded on by Tom Neuenschwander, who helps coach Norwell Football:

As of 12:45 a.m. this morning, Chandler walked through our doors at home after an unbelievable experience. We were very pleased that Chandler called his mother about 20 minutes after the shootings at NIU. He was locked down in the football stadium area with some football coaches when he called. He told me later in the afternoon that he was actually about a two minute walk away from the shootings as they occurred.

I think it will hit him today with a magnitude of what really went down at NIU. He puts on a good show of mental toughness, but that can't last too long. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for Chandler and NIU. Hug your children. Please keep the Chaneys, Shutts, Krinns, Burkes, and Yagers in your prayers.


In addition, Tom writes

Please keep Haley Chaney and her family in yours prayers. Haley was injured Tuesday night in an automobile accident. As of the Bluffton paper last night she is still in critical condition at Lutheran Hospital with a serious head injury. Haley is the daughter of Tony and Angie Chaney.

Last, Norwell Football lost one of our TOP supporters on Monday. My dad [ Art Neuenschwander ] is now with God and will be watching us not from the middle of bleachers but high above us. I will miss not seeing him in his sit at 5:45 pm on game day to watch us warm up but I know he will be with me on the field in my heart forever.

Art (Doc) Neuenschwander was the local veterinarian for many, many years in Ossian and was very involved in all aspects of the area. He will be greatly missed.

Update: The Bluffton News-Banner also has an article on Chandler and the shooting.

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