February 15, 2008

Hickory Hills will remain a Golf Course

IMI Erie Stone Quarry acquires Hickory Hills Golf Course

According to IMI (Irving Materials, Inc.) officials, plans are to lease out the property as a golf course.

Quarry superintendent Joe Langel said this morning that it is IMI's intent to have the property remain a golf course.

He cited two major reasons in IMI seeking to acquire the property.

"First, we felt the community wants the property to remain as a golf course, and secondly, we wanted a safety buffer," Langel said, referring to the closeness of the property to the stone quarry.

Langel indicated there was "very little chance" of IMI ever actually mining the property.

If they do ever mine the course, someone please let me know if they find a Top-Flite X-out... that'd be mine.

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