February 17, 2008

Purdue vs. IU through the years

Tales from the storm
1981: When [Purdue coach] Keady walked into the visitor's locker room at IU for the first time there was message waiting for him: "Keady, we're going to kick your a--," read the message written on the chalkboard.

"That kind of got everybody fired up," Keady said. Not that any extraordinary incentive was needed.

Three technical fouls were assessed in the first two minutes. By the time it was over, there had been 53 fouls called, 62 free throws, four players disqualified and IU had a 69-61 victory. Indiana coach Bob Knight drew the first technical for protesting a call. Keady got the second and third (two technicals did not bring an automatic ejection in those days) after watching Knight grab a referee with impunity and move him out of his line of sight.
Purdue travels to IU once again on Tuesday, the 19th.

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