February 17, 2008

Kane and Haley

The Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette has an article this morning: Tragedy Strikes Norwell Athletes. It is written by Eric Morgan, Norwell's Athletic Director.

The article has all the facts but, perhaps, misses -- or only hints at -- the bigger story we all see being written in text messaging, CarePage messages and an ever-expanding prayer chain that's throwing a blanket over not just the Chaney and Krinn families, and those families directly involved, but all of Wells County. Mr. Morgan is right when he says every other care, all the world of concerns from your day-to-day life, blow away "like smoke in a hurricane." Perhaps I see it wrongly myself, but there is an eye of calm to the hurricane and more and more people are stepping into that eye, turning to God, and perhaps that calmness in the center of tragedy -- that can only be found with prayer -- is the closest thing to a reason one can ever give to someone who asks, "Why?"

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