February 15, 2008

Haley Chaney's Care Page

There was a 7:47pm update on Haley Chaney's Care Page (registration required) which I posted in the comment section at the bottom of the original post of her accident here.

Here is just a small section, there is much more, both positive and negative, at the links above:
The doctors (especially the nurses) are encouraged. Given the extent of the bleeding/damage to her brain tissue they have not had to contend with swelling…especially in the first 72 hours. Well, 72 hours has now come and gone and cranial pressures have remained normal. We are NOT out of the woods yet! I’m only saying that something is happening that they do not see very often.

Note: If you register to view Haley's CarePage online, you will receive emails to notifies you of updates to her CarePage when they are made. It's a wonderful bit of new technology on the part of Lutheran.

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