February 15, 2008

Haley Chaney Update 2-15-08

There are additional comments updating Haley Chaney's condition at the original post about the accident. In addition, Haley is now registered at Care Pages.com where updates to her condition can be seen. You have to register at that site and then search for the care page for Haley by entering her name "haleychaney" with no spaces. Here is a piece of the most recent update at Care Pages:

Well, 48 hours have come and gone since Haley's accident on Tuesday, February 12, her seventeenth birthday. There has been an AMAZING outpouring of prayer, love, and support! And, it's coming from everywhere! When a specific medical concern arises during the day, Angie sends a mass text message for prayer. By the time it gets passed around, several hundred people are praying for that issue right when Haley needs it. Your prayers and support mean everything to her and us right now. All the little miracles are the results of your prayers. God is so good! Thank you for your faithfulness!

Continued Prayer Requests-they mean EVERYTHING to us: Bleeding to stop in the brain and dissipate. Swelling in brain to be gone. Complete healing of nerological pathways. Continued wisdom for doctors and nurses. Complete restoration of all bodily functions.

Thank you so much!!! May God receive all the glory.

Tony Chaney (Haley's dad)

There is more about Haley's current condition here and at Haley's CarePage (registration is easy and only takes a minute).

Strength and Love to the Chaney's and all of Haley's friends, teachers and coaches.

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