February 11, 2008

When it's bad to be good

The Big 10 image takes a tumble
The Big Ten Conference is fighting a perception that it's taking a big dive this season, a blow for a conference that has had nine Final Four teams in the last nine years, more than any other conference.

"There is a lot of evidence to support that," Jerry Palm of CollegeRPI.com said of the dip. "The bottom of the league is bad. The top team is Purdue. They have five new guys and two second-year guys in their rotation. For a team this inexperienced to be leading the league, I think it says the quality is not as strong."

I know for a fact that the campus at West Lafayette is excited for not only this year, but for the years to come... I guess they don't realize it's bad to be good. USA Today's been eating sour apples.

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