February 14, 2008

Space Station Visible

Leaving the YMCA last night at about 7:15pm, out on Aboite Center Road, Katie and I saw the International Space Station very clearly, moving across the sky. It was brighter than Venus normally gets, and moving perhaps a little slower than a high flying plane. The chart above is from my account on Heavens-Above.com, which tracks where things are in the night sky and allows you to know when they are visible in your town. So, again, tonight, high in the North West Sky at about 7:32 pm -- look for the space station (now docked with the space shuttle) as if flies over Indiana.

Update: It was quite a wonderful sight the evening of the 14th. The space station/space shuttle was very bright, bright even with the moon out, and took 2 or 3 minutes, I guess (it was cold, so it might have been less) to cross the night sky.

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