February 13, 2008

The Rocket

Roger Clemens is being hounded by the Congress. So many people are upset and have their own axe to grind with America for a wide variety of reasons... the War, Taxes, Health Care... let this be my axe. When our government can haul baseball players into hearings, hearings that are broadcast to the world, and force the player to give up his medical records so that Congressmen can hold up MRI results and discuss Roger Clemens' buttocks while he _sits_ there grinding his teeth.... let that be my axe. Congress has responsibilities in our Constitution... please point to the text or amendment that gives them the right to badger anyone they feel like. Please point to the part of the constitution that makes Congress medical doctors. Please point to where we all agreed to let these pompous asses sit three feet above the rest of us and ruin whoever they want. Where are the random drug tests on Congressmen? Just who do they think they are and who, in heaven's name, sets their priorities? Don't they have anything better to do than talk about how Roger Clemens' wife felt one evening many years ago? How is that anybody's business.

Give the Rocket a broken bat and put him alone in a room with a few of these jokers.

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