February 9, 2008

NAACP Protest

The Fort Wayne NAACP is threatening to boycott stores for selling flowers in glass tubes. You've seen them, I'm sure, in lots of gas stations and other convenience stores, little glass tubes with water feeding roses or the like. Evidently, the flowers can be thrown out and the glass tubes used for smoking crack cocaine.
"We cannot allow gas stations to sell those things when they know they're used for crack," Latham told police officers and neighborhood activists gathered at a Fort Wayne church Thursday. "It's killing our community."

Sgt. Jon Noll of the vice and narcotics division of the Fort Wayne Police Department said police frequently find the tubes, known as "love roses," when they make crack cocaine arrests.

"Maybe one out of 100 they sell is some high school kid giving it to his girlfriend," he said.

I don't know... I mean, people put fire under spoons to make their drugs and we don't stop stores from selling spoons. It seems to me that if 99 out of 100 roses sold go to crack users, the NAACP -- and the police -- would do better to give a hard time to those buying them, rather than boycotting the stores selling them.

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