February 7, 2008

Merrillville Arsonist Firefighter

Indiana Volunteer Firefighter Accused of Arson

An 18-year-old volunteer firefighter who has been charged with setting a series of fires in northwest Indiana told investigators he set at least two of the the blazes so he could be called to put them out. "When asked why he started these fires," according to the affidavit, "he stated that he did it, 'for the call-outs.' "

A Merrillville police officer at the scene of the Exhaust Master fire reported seeing footprints in the snow which appeared to be "the same or similar to prints he had sen when he went to Grandma's Country Depot to investigate the fire there."

A sad state of affairs... but it sounds like good detective work. Merrillville is up near South Bend.


Anonymous said...

Merrillville is actually about as far west as you can go on 30 (I think - maybe 33?) and still be in Indiana. In between Valpo and Illinois.
Gary Ulmer

Dan said...

Thanks, Gary... I've always been map challenged. :) I hope you guys are getting some of this water we're sending your way -- you could use it.