February 12, 2008

IU Football Players Arrested

Three IU Football players were arrested this last weekend... eighteen-year-old Darius Johnson for being drunk and disorderly and 21-year-olds James Bailey and Demetrius McCray for thinking they own the world. They would all be better off in the long run if IU comes down hard on them now.

Bloomington police officers were called late Saturday to the apartment of Bailey and McCray, both 21. Officers ticketed them for noise ordinance violations and told them to quiet down, Sgt. Jeff Canada said. Bailey and McCray were arrested about 3 a.m. Sunday following another noise complaint, Canada said.

A teammate, Darius Johnson, also was arrested after campus police said he was found passed out in a residence hall stairwell and struggled with medics inside an ambulance.

Johnson faces preliminary charges of resisting arrest, illegal consumption and public intoxication, IU police Lt. Jerry Minger said.

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