February 18, 2008

Haley Chaney Update 2-18-08

There is an update to Haley Chaney's CarePage, which I will enter in full in the messages below the original post about the accident, here is a little bit:

The update came a little late tonight. About 260 people came up to the hospital tonight for a time of praise, worship and prayer. We used the Kachmanm Auditorium on the lower level and packed it out. There were also a few other churches meeting at the same time to specifically lift up Haley before the Father. A time of fasting and prayer began at 6PM Sunday night and will end at 6PM Monday night. We cannot thank you all enough for your continued prayer and support!

Haley had another CT scan this morning. It showed continued improvement as it related to blood in the brain. Bleeding has stopped and is being (slowly) removed from the brain tissue. Praise God! They are watching for swelling but definitely are not as concerned about that at this point. They have turned their attention to getting her free of all the life support and sedation.

We have entered a new phase of the healing process. The fact that the bleeding in the brain has stopped does not have anything to do with the damage done by the initial impact and hemorrhaging of neural pathways. They really cannot assess any of that until Haley "wakes up." She is now taking as many breaths on her own as what the respirator is doing for her.

Please keep Haley Chaney and her family, as well as Alyssa Shutt (who was also injured in the accident) and all of the Northern Wells school area in your prayers.

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