February 8, 2008

Gordon breaks their hearts -- again

I don't normally write much about College basketball (anyone from Sevens want to? Let me know), but evidently Eric Gordon committed to play basketball for Illinois and then backtracked and attended IU instead. Last night, they played each other -- at Illinois -- and the 16,000 fans in attendance booed the freshman every single time he touched the ball. He ended the half with only one point.
Wouldn't you know it, Eric Gordon, the freshman, banked in a 3 pointer to force overtime. IU then went on to win in double-overtime.

Gordon was a 17-year-old kid who was confused. Two years later, he's still a kid — but one who was worrying not only about the outcome of the game, but also for his father's safety on Thursday night.

"I was thinking about him," Gordon said. "Because a lot of people talked about how it was his decision to come to Indiana, but it was my decision — and I'm glad I'm here."

Gordon's father wasn't the only family member in attendance. Most of Gordon's family was in the small Indiana section — his father, mother, grandparents and even his 7-year-old brother, Eron.

"I told Eron that he probably shouldn't come, but he told me he wanted to be here to support his brother."

Eron was sitting a couple seats over from a man who got hit with a cup of ice and some beads thrown from an Illinois fan. However, for the most part, the Illinois crowd limited its heckling to verbal jabs directed at Gordon and Sampson.

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