February 7, 2008

Flooding Report

Greg Shoup's Weather Blog has the latest river level reports

A Major Flood is forecast for the Little River in Huntington. The flood stage is 15 feet. The current stage of the river is 18.9 feet. The rivers is forecast to crest at 19.1 feet. AT This level many roads and brides will be closed and there will be extensive damage and many evacuations that may be necessary. This crest compared to a previous crest of 18.8 which occured on July 17, 1996.

The Maumee River In Fort Wayne is expected to crest at 24 feet by 7am on Friday. At 24 feet nearly 15 percent of Fort Wayne is flooded. This flooding has not been seen in this river since 1991.

The Wabash River Near Bluffton stage is 12.3 feet that's two feet above flood stage is expected to crest at 15 feet by Friday Morning.

The Saint Marys River Near Decatur stage is 23 feet Moderate flooding is forecast as the flood stage is 17 feet. The river will crest Saturday morning just above 23 feet. US 224 East of Decatur is closed by flood waters.

Stay high.

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