September 4, 2007

Shot at a Hotel?

What the heck, if you were shot at a hotel, sue the hotel, you might get a couple million. Next time, maybe get shot at, oh, I don't know . . . the parking lot at MicroSoft? That ought to be worth big bucks! I don't mean to belittle this guy's pain and suffering, but the Day's in on Coliseum did not shoot him and did not want him to be shot. Their Hotel was robbed and he was in the lobby.
A seven-member Allen County jury that heard John Bruce's civil lawsuit found Thursday evening that Fort Wayne Innkeepers, the company that runs the Days Inn motel, was 50 percent responsible for Bruce's injuries. That means the company would have to pay him $2 million. The other $2 million should come from the robbers, court officials said.

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