September 4, 2007


I don't know about you, but I pretty much listened to WOWO all day today... the tributes to Bob Sievers brought back so many old memories -- many of them not thought about for many years -- it was wonderful. How about this: remember at Christmastime when the DJ's at WOWO used to call a random pay phone in the area and if you answered and said, "Ho Ho WoWo" you would win a few dollars? I had nearly forgotten that. Shoot -- I doubt there are enough pay phones around anymore to make something like that work, nowadays.

And do you remember the WOWO Air Aces coming to Norwell to play against our Teachers? Remember the carrying of the blanket in front of the stands for the Penny-Pitch? It seems like the community has splintered since those days... nobody has anything in common like everyone had "The Little Red Barn" in common. Beyond Charlie Butcher, I don't think I can identify any local jocks anymore... it was good to hear all the old area DJ's calling in today.

Read some of the tributes being left for Bob Sievers at the WOWO Tribute Site.

Old WOWO personality information.

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