September 24, 2007

Rapid Eye and Vulture

The DoD has commissioned the development of "Rapid Eye" and "Vulture." "Rapid Eye" is kind of like a temporary satellite that could be launched on a missile at a moment's notice to hover over any hot spot in the world for a few hours, gathering Intel. "Vulture" is intended to be a high-tech, unmanned airplane, powered by the Sun, that will be able to fly over any given spot on Earth at the outer reaches of the atmosphere for up to five years. The goal, of course, is to no longer have to wait on satellite redirection or suffer through the black spots inherent in orbiting spy satellites.

Interesting. But 1) this would increase our reliance on non-human intelligence which proved to be so wrong in Iraq... and 2) how long will it take before we launch these things over our allies and our citizens, especially if an impending attack is suspected.

It is becoming increasingly impossible for Congress and the law to keep up with Science.

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