September 7, 2007

80,000 Rounds

Indy Man with Ammo Stockpile Remains Jailed
Kevin Rieder, 38, poses a danger to the community and does not seem to be a good candidate for release based on his record of not complying with prior court orders.

Rieder faces a federal charge of illegal possession of ammunition in violation of an earlier restraining order taken out by an ex-girlfriend. Authorities seized 79,010 rounds of ammunition during a raid last week that followed a six-month investigation, Assistant U.S. Attorney Donald Schmid said.

Schmid argued for Rieder's detention without bond, saying Rieder had threatened people this summer and pointing out that the South Bend man was committed to a mental hospital for about two weeks last spring.

What was it Elmer Fudd used to say to Bugs Bunney when his ammo ran out?

"No mow buwetts."

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