September 30, 2007

Take the Red Shirt Off Harnish?

An interesting discussion about whether Chandler Harnish should be moved up to play this year at Northern Illinois.
There is still half the season left, so taking his redshirt off and starting him wouldn't be a waste of his redshirt. It would be a look into the future. We have Temple next week, and no matter how "improved" they are, they still are 0-5. After that, we come home for homecoming vs. WMU before going to Wisconsin. It would given Harnish 2 games to get his feet wet before having to play Wisconsin.

Obviously none of us know much about Harnish other then what we read. I do know is that he looks like a QB. The NIU website has him listed as 6-3, 211, and at the game yesterday I noticed he just looks like more of a QB then Dan and Morris do.

For those who are football lingo-challenged, a player is allowed to play for 4 years in college, if Harnish never steps foot into a game this year, he would still have his 4 years left... that's called "Red Shirting." But if he gets into even one game this year, even if for just one second, then he can only play 3 more years.

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