September 18, 2007

Moser Home for Sale

Sevens member Sherri Kumfer sends along this link to a home in Portland, IN for sale. Sherri says there's a rumor floating around that Tony Stewart might be interested.

Sherri also sent along information about the prior owner of the home who died in a plane crash in 2003.
Moser, 50, a long-time drag racer and axle manufacturer, started his business with his 49-year-old wife in 1982. The Mosers revolutionized the axle industry with the development of a streamlined manufacturing process that shortened the standard four- to six- week turnaround time to just two days. Moser Engineering, which originated in the Mosers' garage, is now one of the leading aftermarket axle manufacturers in the United States.

With that new ethanol plant fired up over in Portland, I'm sure there may be many, newly wealthy ethanol barons who might beat Stewart to it.

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