September 21, 2007

Girl Murdered in Anderson

A 14 year old girl in Anderson was apparently taken from her bus stop and killed. The killer was captured quickly because he called 911.
Police became suspicious of the call because the body had been dragged off a walking trail and was not in plain sight, Sandefur said at a probable cause hearing. Police obtained a search warrant for the house from which the 911 call was placed and Pitts was arrested Thursday afternoon.

Sandefur said police found blood spattered on clothing in Pitts' possession.

Anderson Community Schools Superintendent Mikella Lowe described the incident as "tragic."

"It's very, very tragic," said Lowe. "It's always sad when we lose a young person."

I'm kind of a "word" person... I don't think the word "tragic" fits this case at all. "Tragic" carries with it, at least in my mind, a certain kind of worldworn, inevitable sadness I just don't associate with a man dragging a 14 year old girl away to kill her. I would say someone dying young in an accident or from disease or by some act of god like a storm is tragic. I middle-school girl murdered by a man while she's waiting for her morning school bus is a heinous crime, not a tragedy.

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